Oct 12, 2011

Last night Zeb and I went grocery shopping.  Neither of us have a love of walmart but it is super close to our house so we tend to go there out of ease.  If I'm shopping by myself I usually hit up Macey's.  Tuesdays at walmart is coupon day apparently.  I have never seen anything like it!  I guess walmart will take coupons that are for less than a dollar off and round them up to a dollar off on Tuesdays only.  Well these crazy people had carts full of crap holding up all the check out lines and were buying multiples of items that they will take years to use or the items will expire first.  They had binders full of coupons (how many of these coupons were expired was my question) and the shelves had holes where items with a coupon used to be but had been bought out.  I had a nice conversation with the cashier (who loved us since we didn't have any coupons) about how couponing is borderline hording and I think she was onto something.  Those poor cashiers!  Needless to say I believe in using a coupon or two to save a few bucks and maybe I'll even use more when I have a full family to feed.  But you have to ask yourself.... is buying more than you need to save 2 dollars really a smart tactic?  And is hours and hours of your time really worth $50 in grocery savings?  I would recommend staying away from Walmart on Tuesdays.

On another note....Yesterday I had an awesome round of blood tests.  My B-12 vitamin is apparently pretty low prompting the doctor to investigate the possibility of an infection.  I can't wait to get the results back in a few days.