Oct 10, 2011

Well, It turns out a big glass of milk on an empty stomach after two weeks of being "dairy Free"  well... very close to 99% dairy free has no effect on my stomach!  Hooray?!?  Now I wait to see what test the doctor has in store for me next.... 

In the mean time I've been getting very into Christmas crafts.... who knows why?  Well, Actually I do.  I don't want to decorate for Halloween or Thanksgiving (as in more than a centerpiece, and our table is always full of papers) so I started in on Christmas.  I've been making these very cute... well I hope they will be cute... christmas trees to decorate with.  I've got them about 50% done so I'll get going on the rest and take some pictures.  After that I will be coming up with some thanksgiving decorations.  I'll keep you posted!

Also, Halloween costumes are in the mail... I can't wait till they arrive and I get to try them on!