Oct 5, 2011

You guys I'm having a hard time.  Can I tell you that?  I hate feeling like I'm stuck at home because I never know when an "attack" will hit me.  Thus Zeb feels stuck at home too.  All I know is that the doctor told me to cut out dairy for two weeks and then come see him.  I felt better, mostly, but it hasn't cured everything and I'm confused as to what "cut out diary" means.... can I still have dairy in processed foods if it's in the less than 2% category?  Can I take a digestive enzyme and still eat dairy?  Do I have a dairy allergy or am I just lactose intolerant (there is a difference apparently) and how much can I test the limits myself to see if I can still eat a piece of pizza?

It has not been fun to say the least.  So I called my doctor today and moved my two week appointment up.  I have too many questions I need answered by a competent professional instead of all the generic answers I can find online.  I need an actual test ( I hope the dr can do one) and then I need to know if I can just take a pill before I eat dairy so I don't feel like I'm constantly putting everyone out all the time.

Stephanie thank you for your comment - it came just in time... I will have to find some things to try on your blog!  I've been looking at it a lot ever since I've been "dairy free"