Oct 6, 2011

Well I felt so discouraged and in limbo I called the doctor and they squeezed me in an appointment yesterday and the man of my dreams even came with me!  I figured that was easier than trying to relay all the information back to him.  The doctor is not convinced I have lactose intolerance.  He said that after looking at my food intake/symptom journal he thinks it might be a fat mal-absorption problem.... whatever that means.  So I'm still off of dairy until Friday night when I get to/have to binge on dairy!  Ok well, actually I have to drink a glass or two of milk.  Then wait.... near a toilet preferably.  If I get sick within 20 minutes - lactose intolerance.  If I get sick hours later more tests.  And once this little test is done I'm going to eat a lot of sweets... probably some ice cream and some chocolate.  Maybe Mac & Cheese.  Those are the things I miss most.  For some reason that visit made me feel really hopefully.... but maybe it's just cause I get to eat delicious things on Friday night.... what a date night!  After the doctor visit we went shopping!  So fun.  I got a new perfume.... Viva La Juicy!

Now lets talk about what a gloomy day today has been!  I love it!  It's not brighter now at 1pm than it was at 8am.  I can have my office blinds open without squinting into the brightness... I love the smell of rain... and tonight (or for sure this weekend)  I'm going to be getting out my winter/fall clothes and putting away my summer clothes and that has all the excitement of brand new clothes without the torture of having to try them all on in a dressing room.  Also, this weather make me want to take a nap, or watch PS I love you wrapped up in a blanket with my lover!