Nov 14, 2011

A Christmas Wreath

I had such a fun visit with my mom!  Guess who else joined in on the fun?!?!  Scott and his fiance Sara came down for an evening and it was a blast!  Before they got there we went shopping, ate some delicious food, and colored and cut her hair. 

I knew I wanted to do some getting ready for Christmas while she was here and we had planned to make a tree skirt.  However once we got to the craft store I quickly changed my mind and we decided to make a wreath for our front door instead!  Take a look:

Also, I now own a hot glue gun!  Whoot Whoot!!  I love the wreath.  Surprisingly with all the coupons we had this beautiful wreath still cost a pretty penny.  It's a good thing my mom was there or I would have backed out at the cash register :)  Thanks mom!

My mom came (she didn't say but I know it was in part) to check up on me because with my stomach swinging back and forth between being obedient and being disruptive to my entire life, I get pretty depressed and discouraged sometimes.  I've been getting the micro-current from the McClean Clinic (I'll write a whole post on this tomorrow Stephanie...) for about two weeks and true to form my stomach has started acting up again - pretty much I have a problem daily.   It makes me wonder why I'm spending the money and time and energy when nothing seems to be helping.  It was so comforting to have her around to calm me down and be patient as I stopped our shopping with bathroom trips.  She put her arm around me and reminded me that this is horrible, but won't be like this forever.  And understood why I didn't want to go to my grandmas because I didn't want to eat and get sick on the way home.  I just needed a day off from having to be places even though I can't get to or from without a sickness induced panic attack.  It was really nice and a wonderful weekend.  

A big thank you to my amazing husband who was so patient while I jam packed our tiny condo with my family members.  I love you!!