Nov 16, 2011

My mom had a lady who works in Eastern Medicine out in Oregon who suggested I go to an acupuncturist.  I happen to love acupuncture but didn't trust the hole in the wall place she suggested so I found my own, at the McClean Chiropractic about 300 N in Provo on State Street.  However, when I met with the Dr. he said he had seen stomach problems like mine before and he had a different way of treating them which has worked well.  It's called Micro current.  It's based on the belief that your body runs on electromagnetic currents (which I do believe) and that each major organ has its own individual current length.  I can jive with that too.

So I drink a big glass of water, then they set the machine to the current/wave length for my stomach (which he knows because he's a doctor and has the machine).  Then they put a wet towel with the "receptor" things on my stomach and back and I sit there for about 10-15 minutes.  I use the time to breath and meditate and calm myself from the stresses in my life.  You can't really feel anything, sometimes just kinda a buzz feeling that makes your stomach itch.  The idea is when you hit the cells with their specific current it helps them re-generate to new healthy cells and kills any bacteria or other sickness that might be living in the organ.

I enjoyed going but it's expensive.  $60 a pop three times a week for a month or more.  I don't have chiropractic insurance and I don't like being adjusted 3 times a week, I wish I could just do the micro current. And I have no proof if I was getting better or not, plus I have specialist appointments and I have just found out my insurance has pretty much been used up for the year..... (apparently I only get 4 doctors visits a year) so I don't want to rack up and meet my deductible in December only to start over again in January.  I'm stuck and I don't know what to do. 

To top it all off the Specialist wants me to make myself sick so I can figure out some things and get back to her.  So Zeb cooked me a huge steak last night and.... we sat and waited... and waited... and waited.  I didn't get sick!  Not even a little bit!  I even went for a drive, because not being able to get to a bathroom usually stresses me out enough to provoke a problem.  I think the next step will be changing my birth control and see if that will do the trick.