Nov 30, 2011

Santa had Amazon drop off his present to us early this year..... an Air Purifier!  I love it, it's pretty and quite and spits out clean air... who could ask for more!  We were tempted to wrap it for Santa and put it under the tree but that's A FULL month of dirty air with an air purifier sitting in our living room which just seemed silly to me in so many ways.

Now time for a funny story:

I bet you had to be there but I was looking up a recipe online to bake.  I got up and started walking to the kitchen when I felt the power cord of my computer stick between my toes.  So there I was standing on one foot knowing if I moved my foot foward to step down my computer would crash to the floor.  Before I could think another thought there I was laying on the floor exactly like this:

  I didn't even attempt to catch myself with my arms, just face planted right into the carpet face first all under the watchful eye of my concerned husband. 

I just laid there, I couldn't for the life of my figure out how I got there.  I laughed and laughed until I cried because it was the funniest thing that's happened to me in weeks!  Zeb laughed cautiously trying to figure out if I was crying because I was hurt or embarrassed or if I really thought it was funny. 

It wasn't funny