Nov 29, 2011

Well It's officially day 10 of the antibiotic.  I have seen some very promising improvements and believe it may have just done the trick.  I spoke with my doctor yesterday and she said to just wait and see.  If I feel like I'm healed we can cancel my surgery in January, but if it comes back in the next few weeks I need to keep it scheduled.  So I have graduated myself from the chiropractor (I'm not convinced it was doing much but costing money and giving me a few moments of meditation each day) and will try to focus on managing my anxiety while I wait and see.  The few times I haven't felt well I contribute to over eating (thanksgiving) and anxiety.  So if I can control that and the problems stop then viola! No endoscopy........ Let's pray for that!

Scottie and his fiance Sara were driving through Utah on Sunday on their way home from Arizona and stopped by for a quick visit!  It was so fun to see them and how happy and in love they are :)  Thanks for making the time to stop by and for taking away all the treats in the house for me!