Dec 8, 2011

Lisa Trivia

Oh Happy Thursday!
(oh how I wish it was Friday)

I wish I could make everyone understand just how much I love this little blog of mine!  Oh How it keeps me busy during work, keeps me looking for the brighter side of life's little quirks, and keeps me taking (and posting pictures).

These next few weekends are going to be quite busy for us McBride's.  We will be traveling to family and friends, celebrating weddings, Christmas, and even having an ugly sweater party!  I even have it in the works to have my hubs cook a roast and invite family over for a gift exchange (but that option is still just a dream in my head).

On another HAPPY note...... MY stomach is healing!!!  I didn't want to tell anyone due to the fact that I was worried if I admitted I was feeling/getting healthy again it would suddenly become a dream and go away.  You guys, I had no idea how bad I was feeling because I was so used to it and how small my little newly wed world had become!  But I'm driving to and from work like a champ, I've even driven to P.G a few times without stopping.  Turns out I had a nasty bacteria (who knows why it didn't show up on the blood tests).  But it's the best Christmas present of the season!  I can travel!!!!!

(Although I must admit, while my sickness is missing the anxiety it brought is still here in full force.  I'm working on some tactics to get it back under control... maybe I'll share some of what i learn with you)

Now... onto why you are really here!

(Sorry no pictures today... I'll take some tonight I promise)

Lisa Trivia!!!!!! 

A. age :: Twenty-seven

B. bed size :: King

C. chore you hate :: Taking out the trash & cleaning the tub

D. dogs :: None.  sadly

E. essential start to your day :: Hitting the snooze button

F. favorite color :: Purples and Oranges

G. gold or silver :: Silver

H. height ::4 feet, 11.75 inches

I. instruments you play :: none - but I"ll claim that I semi play the piano & guitar.  And who could for the triangle

J. job title ::Accounting Assistant

K. kids :: None

L. live :: Utah

M. maiden name ::  Davis

N. nicknames :: Lisalu, little Lisa, bed bug

O. overnight hospital stays ::Once when I was little little kid... don't remember it

P. pet peeve ::  At work when people call me to tell me to come into their office instead of just coming into mine

Q. quote :: "Right!"

R. righty or lefty ::Righty

S. siblings :: 3 blood brothers but lots of new siblings through marriage which are as good as blood to me!

T. time you wake up :: 7am, 7:15am, and then I get up at 7:45

U. university attended ::  Brigham Young


V. vegetables you dislike:  All of them....?  OK that's not as true as it used to be.  mostly just Lettuce

W. what makes you run late :: Fixing my hair and makeup, going to the bathroom

X. x-rays you’ve had :: Lots!  Mostly on my hands and feet

Y. yummy food ::Chocolate, pumpkin ice cream, candied yams

Z. zoo animal favorite ::  I don't even know!  Better take a trip to the zoo.  Maybe the giraffes