Dec 7, 2011

So the other day I went to Walgreens to pick up some stuff.  You know toothpaste, Nyquil, a thermometer.  While perusing the isles I notices *something* was on sale buy one get one free!

*Something in this context means something someone would normally need to purchase but might be slightly embarrassed about if there were a lot of people of the opposite gender around. . . . don't worry about what it was.  Not a big deal*

So when I get to the register the bill seems bigger than I expected it to be.  So I ask the cashier "Just checking but that's buy one get one free right?"  So she looks at the receipt while it's still in the printer.  "Yup"  Me: "Weird, it just seems pretty expensive."  So she rings up the sale and takes my money and then says "Oh, actually it rang up wrong.  Let me page the manager to fix it."   And she picks up the stores pager to page the entire store for a manager who can price check the *something, return it and check me out again, all while holding up the entire line of men behind me.  Luckily before she could tell the entire store what I was buying I told her not to worry about it and after some persuasion she let me leave the store with my overly expensive purchase and dignity intact.

WHEW!  Close call to what could have been a really embarrassing moment for me...