Dec 19, 2011

One of the hardest things to get used to with married life for me has been my ability to drive Zeb's car by myself.  We have to piggyback park at our complex so if I want to go anywhere after work we take Zeb's car (or most Saturday mornings.  This is a pretty good deal for me if you've seen our cars.... his wins the nicer car contest.

So the other day I took it to the gym and after a vigorous workout (still haven't lost any pounds according to the scale?!?!  What's a girl got to do?  Anyways - It's still good for my heart so I'll keep it up)  I walked out to the row I had parked in, hit the unlock button and got in.  Something was.... Off.

I turned around to grab my purse and then I realized I was sitting on cloth seats, not leather, and the fact the my purse had been replaced with a car seat made me finally realize.... I was sitting in a strangers Altima.

Had I been more familiar with Zeb's car I could have avoided this.  "Get out now!"  My head screamed, but instead I calmly exited the random car looking like I had just arrived at the gym.  I then walked to the other side of the HUGE truck parked in between the two Altmia's and entered the correct car. 

I'm pretty sure about 10 people witnessed this embarrassing moment.... at least none of them appeared to be the owner of the look alike car.

How does this stuff always happen to me?!?!

(At least my zipper wasn't down while all this occurred right?)