Dec 16, 2011

A broken fly

Today and this weekend are going to be REALLY busy at work - end of the year cycle counts and all.  So I've been gearing up all week to get everything ready so it would go real smooth like.

This morning I arrive to work rested, with lunch in hand so I wouldn't have to take a break.  Then my stomach got real sick.... cause to panic?  possibly!  But I'm taking it as a one time incident and not letting myself get all worked up in anxiety because hey - sometimes people's stomachs get real mad at them, whether they have "the bacteria" or not.  When I left the restroom (TMI?  Sorry!)  I checked my fly as I usually do before I walk back out into public and.....

My zipper was down.  Not only down but broken!  Unable to pull up, as in it's going to be down ALL DAY!

Luckily I have a fairly long shirt on today.... Oh boy! 

Happy Friday!