Dec 13, 2011

This past weekend we headed up to Idaho for a Christmas visit.  See we've been doing Christmas Hanukkah style where we get to open our presents early!  We both took a present up to Idaho and celebrated with Zeb's parents.  I was the luckiest one who got a brand new shiny Kindle!  Which I happen to be in love with.  Zeb got the move bundle for his play station.  What a successful Pre-Christmas. 

While we were there I played around with the settings on my camera to see what I could accomplish and this is what came about:

This cat... I have named country bumpkin.  Too bad I couldn't even pet her!

Idaho is God's country

I'm certain of that

What's even better is I was able to drive all weekend long and get everywhere we needed to be, all while eating normal meals and be healthy the whole time.

I am officially calling myself healed.

An answer to many months of prayers, fasting, blessings, medication and hopes.  It's so nice to finally have the trial behind me