Jan 24, 2012

Black & Lime

Right after college I started working at a floral wholesaler as their sales assistant.  After awhile I moved out onto the design floor where I made bouquets.  I don't have too much experience with vase arrangements because of this, but I do know how to put beautiful flowers together and keep them looking beautiful.  This month my cousin got married and I was privileged to do the flowers for the wedding.  The brides colors were lime green  and black (which is a little tricky since there aren't many lime green or black flowers)  But I think they turned out beautiful! 

The very start

my "work station"

table centerpieces

The brides Bouquet - I wish the wholesaler would have had more open lilies.  I had to put the only one in the brides bouquet

boutonnieres & Corsages
Unfortunately, Zeb and I were unable to make it to the wedding the next day (stupid stomach of mine) but I did hear that everything went well and the flowers looked great.  Congrats Nathan and Natalie!!!

(Note to self:  Wedding flowers are fun to make, as long as you don't have to miss a day of work to do them using up the last of your PTO.  Next time  - Saturday's only)