Jan 25, 2012

My Valentines Day Wreath

My Mom came to visit a little over a week ago.  We decided to make a wreath for valantines day.  Now if you want to see this wreath you will have to come inside the house, because our front door faces the side of the house, and since no one will see it there, there is really no point putting outside!  I might as well enjoy it and keep it safe from the elements inside.  I really like my little quirky indoor wreath! 


Almost done!


All done!  Isn't she beautiful!!  And really super easy to make!  Super easy to make.  It's just a 12' foam form and I cut my two yards of fabric into 3" squares and then used a crochet hook to shove the center of the fabric down into the Styrofoam.  It holds the fabric up and poofy.  I didn't wash the fabric first or anything.  And I love the little bits that frayed.  We put our pieces pretty close together but you could place them however you wanted to experiment with the look.