Jan 3, 2012

A New Year and A New Pen

As a fitting start to the new years I came into work this morning, hung up my new calendar, and then my purple pen ran out of ink and I get to start the new years with a brand new purple pen!  How fitting! 

I thought long and hard about what my new years resolution should be.  I wanted more than anything to make it to reach a certain weight.  But I knew that I would set unrealistic goals and then when I didn’t achieve it I would get discouraged and quit working out all together.  So I went for a run which cured most of my blues as of late (endorphins are one of the best cures for depression and anxiety – did you know that?)  and decided I would find something that was a one time event I could accomplish.

So I got to work creating our wedding photo album on Shutter fly.  I’m getting a killer deal thanks to the gift card I got for Christmas and I’m having so much fun putting it together and writing down my memories.  I even got Zeb to write down a memory or two :)

Now of course I have goals for myself, but those are goals I set long before the new years.  2012 will bring my 28th Birthday!! (Can you believe it).  I’ll be paying off my convertible (oh, you didn’t know I have a convertible – it’s because I don’t) (Hopefully by my birthday) and many more surprises that we’ll just have to take as they come.  But thank heaven’s it’s already including good health and happiness!

May we all take whatever comes at us this year with grace and continue to learn and grow – but most importantly (and I truly believe this) may we find happiness in all that we do!  Isn’t that what life is really about after all!