Jan 5, 2012

Yesterday was a rough day.  I'm not even sure why - nothing happened, I just was tired, and the clocked moved oh so slowly.  I didn't have the motivation to do the things I needed to and little things that usually don't bug me were really getting to me.  After work I kinda broke down and laid on the couch with a blanket over my head just trying to hide.  Zeb held me tight and asked me the smartest thing "What do you usually do to relieve stress?"  So I got my sorry butt up off the couch and over to the gym.  I didn't have the spirit to run, so I ran/walked (mostly walked briskly-ish) for the full thirty minutes and when I came home dinner was waiting for me and I really did feel better.  I still went to bed at 10 though.  I usually find a good night's sleep is what I'm lacking on days like that.  I hope you're yesterdays were better!