Feb 1, 2012

Fabulous February

Lately I’ve been in a bit of a slump (Doesn’t it seem like I’m always saying that?!?!  Believe me, I’m working on it).  So Yesterday when I stumbled upon “False Lash February” I thought "THIS is a cause I can join with full purpose of heart!"  Yesterday after 10 hours of work I stopped by Shopko on my way home to pick out an assortment of false lashes.   Now this post rang true to me because I loved my false lashes for my wedding!   So much so that for the second reception I even went to the salon and had lash extensions put on… Not. For. Me.  They were horrible and destroyed my natural lashes.  So I thought “If extensions don’t make the cut I’ll just go with glue on ones”  But I’ve never been able to fully wrap my head around wearing them for no reason at all.  

So this morning I woke up, and with what I can only assume to be thousands of other women - I glued on my lashes.  

BIG MISTAKE.  I remember now why I don’t wear falsies every day.  They are heavy, they scratch the corner of my eyes, and it’s hard to get the corners to stick all day.  (Not to mention the men I work with are looking at me a bit weird).  So I took them off.  They lasted from 7:30 am to 9:30 am.  Sorry Nat – I just can’t stick this one out with you.  Maybe I'll try a smaller more natural pair tomorrow.  

Never fear though, the trip to Shopko was not a waste.  I got this new scent for my office:

 (It's Sweet Plum - which is simply delightful!)