Feb 2, 2012

Thursday thoughts

Deep down in my heart I have always had a desire to be a writer.  I think it’s been there for as long as I can remember.  In high school and college I took creative writing classes and really enjoyed a good free write or essay about what I did over the summer.  Writing is always something I perceived would never make any money – so I became a hairdresser and realized, hey!  It’s hard to make money this way too.

Now as an accountant I don’t really write at all.  A two sentence email here or there, but mostly I just do math all day, everyday.  And even when I go get my creativity on at the salon in the evenings, I don’t write a single letter. 

So this, my dear friends, is my free write.  My way to get all those ideas and thoughts jumbled up in my head out where they can rest and others can hopefully enjoy the funny quirks and lovely moments that make up my life.

Today I’m coloring my hair.  Like this:


I’m a little nervous about it, but mostly just excited for a subtle change in color.  Also, I’m wearing smaller, lighter fake lashes today – MUCH, MUCH, Nicer!


Then this weekend I have two… you heard that right - TWO incredible birthday parties to attend.  One is for this handsome fellow (and Becky too!):


The other for my bestie, Karli!  

 Hooray!!  Friday is almost here!!!