Feb 20, 2012

My Journal Box

For the past two years I have been saving my calendars, a little weird I know.  But I was dating my future husband and you could say I had a hunch.  I wrote down major events I wanted to remember and I just didn't have the heart to throw those dates away!  This came in very handy however, when I found this beauty on Pinterest and decided to make it.


It's a journal box!

My journal box is quite possibly my favorite craft ever because I can already see the long reaching, sentimental effects.  This little box contains a 5x7 card to separate the months, and each day of the month has a 3x5 card lined up behind it to write any major events for that day in the current year.

For example, August 13 is the day Zeb and I got married.  So for August 13, 2010 nothing big happened, but when the same card rolled around in 2011 I wrote "2011 - Zeb and Lisa get married in the Portland Oregon Temple"  And next year, who knows what 2012 will bring - maybe an anniversary cruise (here's to dreaming).  I don't write down something every single day, but already this box is filled with first kisses, first dates, babies being born, family members deaths, and I can imagine future first day's of school, new jobs, and big moves.  

I love the idea that this started when I met Zeb and will continue throughout of lives and when we are old we can look back through the days of our lives and see all the wonderful good/sad/hopeful days that lead us to where we are.  I love it, you would too..... you should make one!

(I just used rubber stamps for the months and day numbers - Super Easy and found them for only $10 at Hobby Lobby.  Walmart had the perfect 5x7 sized box that even has a lock, like for a diary.  LOVE!)
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