Feb 17, 2012

Supply & Demand

Awhile back I was on my way home from work which takes me by "Grandma's"  (which is what we like to call Spanish Fork's Hickory Kist Restaurant).  I was on the phone with Zeb and he told me to stop in and get one of their amazing cinnamon rolls.  I stopped in and the lady looked at me with such confusion.  Apparently the Cinnamon Rolls are only made on Thursday's.  "We have been out of them for days"  She told me, with an offer to pre-order one for next week.  That seemed a little extreme.
However, when I stopped in for some chicken noodle soup this Wednesday and the offer to make a pre-order was again laid before me, I decided to jump on that train because, hey, this must be one amazing cinnamon roll!

When I arrived yesterday to pick up my roll, I was huge!  Probably no less than 6" in diameter.  That was probably the best thing about it.  I'd give it a 4 out of 10.  The cinnamon was a little strong for me and the dough was extremely dense.  Overall, for all the hype of the supply and demand problem these rolls seem to cause, I had my three bites and was able to walk away without looking back.

Aren't these just the loveliest valentine's day beauties!  And this isn't even all the flowers I was gifted.