Feb 23, 2012

Today has been a little frustrating

So Yeah.... That happened

Let me explain.  My boss gives me all the crap he doesn't want to do (which is pretty standard for bosses I think) And because, really I do way more than they pay me for already and have no extra time (except to blog of course), I have been given the task of shredding all the old out dated paperwork that we can't just throw away because it has sensitive information.   So I've been doing that in my "free time."  I did not make the above mess for the record.  That was the night cleaning crew who dumped the shredder but clearly didn't make it all into the trash can.  Don't you find it a bit ironic that the cleaning crew.... cleaning crew.....is the one who left the mess?!?!  I do.  And Yet - Everyone thinks it was me because, well I've been the one shredding paper.

In the mean time - look who came to visit at work today!

I think I need a pet of some sort to keep me from wanting babies. What can I say - I love small cute things!