Feb 27, 2012

Over the weekend

Yes... This is just my contribution to the messy bedroom

Over the weekend I managed to clean up this mess in my room, but that was pretty much all I did.  I attempted to make the Kneaders French Toast for my husband that is floating around on Pinterest (it's his favorite) but that was an EPIC FAIL!  Probably for the best, after making it I realize just how unhealthy it really is.

There was laundry to be done, dishes to be washed, and floors to be scrubbed, but instead we just caught up on our favorite shows, had a nice Sunday church meeting , and had some great times with Evan & Savannah.

My stomach was being fairly volatile and was the main contributor to my staying home all weekend.  I did venture out a bit, to Sammy's in Provo, however I missed out on some good eats (thanks, volatile stomach).  I'd never been to Sammy's before but it was pretty fun.  The place is tiny and the food is great (or so I heard) - but do yourself (and everyone else who wants to order) a favor and get it go.... .or wait a few months when you can eat out of doors.

These two pictures show you the entire restaurant.... see what I mean!  TINY