Mar 13, 2012

On Bodies

One of the reasons I love to read blogs so much is that people's individual personalities come out.  (Now, maybe not a whole, complete, 100% truthful personality, but still a good glimpse).  I love getting to keep up with family and friends and see how everyone is doing.  When I started blogging more seriously I was in an Eating Disorder group therapy, individual counseling, and visiting a nutritionist weekly.  If you're keeping a tally that's 3 - 1...2...3 expensive appointments a week.  I learned a lot and wanted a place to put the things I learned into practice.  My counselor, Janna Dean, told me she sometimes writes posts for her friends blog and she had written one she wanted me to go read.  I did.  It just so happens that her friend is the sister of one of my favorite bloggers NieNie!  

It's weird, but I felt this great connection to the blogging world all the sudden and have been reading C Jane's blog more than NieNie's (sorry Steph).  The other day she wrote an amazing post on body image that pretty much sums up the intuitive eating I was learning with my nutritionist and not feed my emotions with Janna.  And you know she had to have learned it from my counselor because, hey, they are friends right?!?!

Please, Please, pretty please.... will you take a minute to read THIS

It helps to realize that there are other people working on the same things I am.
And C Jane puts what I learned from all those expensive appointments so much better than I could explain it to anyone.

I have been working a bit with my nutritionist again and my goal before we meet again is to eat (especially dinner) at the table.  This is for some reason SUPER SUPER hard!  I've been doing breakfast and lunch at the table but for some reason I just can's turn the TV off for dinner.  I'm still a work in progress, what can I say.  I'll keep you up on my other goals as they come.  (putting my fork down during my meal, once a day leaving at least a bite of food on my plate - so I don't feel like I always have to clear my plate, even if I'm full, etc.)

Now, seriously.  Go read the short blog post at that link I gave you.....

You're Welcome.