Mar 1, 2012

Our plant....

It is so very important to nurture things in your life.  We received this mammoth plant from Zeb's Grandmas funeral.  They wanted all the grand kids to take a plant to have as a memorial and memory of their grandmother.  A beautiful idea I think.  There was some chaos as people chose their plants and many of my first picks were taken by other grand children.  (totally fine)

It was an awkward moment for me.  I didn't feel comfortable taking a plant, but I knew my husband would love to have one to remember his grandmother by.  I also knew he was so very sad and this memorial would be a wonderful addition to our home and her memory that would mean a lot to him.  I stood back and after awhile (and several switching of plants) noticed no one was grabbing the ginormous plant in the corner.... Probably no one could travel home with it.  After speaking with one of grandma Ilia's children I was assured this big plant could be ours and we got it back to Provo (*Thanks Evan & Savannah).

Then it wasn't doing so well.  I was very worried for it and  I got down and dirty one day pulling all the dead leaves out and trying to figure out what was wrong with it.  That's when I discovered it was being eaten at the roots by bugs (and maybe a spider - I couldn't quite tell).  This flower was even drooping all the way over.  After several rounds of bug spray, and drying out the dirt sufficiently to get it on a regular watering schedule, this plant is doing wonderfully!  The flower is even about to bloom!!!!  

Can you see..... I'm so proud!  We love her, and named her - but I can't remember her name at the moment.  It had to do with describing her large girth.