Apr 20, 2012

Finding the perfect job is like finding the perfect man....

I have corrected my mistake.  I quit my job as my birthday present to myself and I'm going to be starting over.  If you know of any good jobs out there (which offer health insurance) Please pass that info along to me.

I have learned a few valuable lessons from this; mostly that finding a good job is like finding a good man.

This new job is bound to be a long term relationship so it is crucial that you match well in some key areas.

1. You must be physically attracted to your work space.  Because you have to look at it every day.

2. Your new job must not be in a dingy dusty corner of an unlit office that sucks the life out of you.  Rather, it needs to bring life and happiness to you and energize you.

3. Personalities in the office must mesh well.  If you work next to someone who is always cracking stupid jokes you will not last long before you start to fall out of love with your office and need a break.

4. While you know you are able to bring satisfaction to this new job of yours, it must offer you some benefits as well.  This new relationship must be mutually beneficial to both parties.

Seeing how picky I was with my men, it may take me awhile to find this elusive perfect job.

Now, Onto a birthday note.  If you don't know I have a side job of cutting hair.  The sole purpose of this job is to help me pay off my debts, particularly of this convertible:

I loved this beauty, but alas she did not love me back.  She tormented in ways that only a devil trying to get into my mind could know would cause so much heartache and pain.  I had to get rid of her, and I did, at a huge loss!  I have been without her for close to 3 years now, but have been still paying toward my car loan (which is through my parents).  My goal was to pay her off for my birthday this year.  But I have come up short and need probably 3 to 4 more months before the premium will be paid in full.  

When I opened this small birthday box from my parents I found the following stack of $100 bills and a note stating that the Davis & Davis Auto Loan Company has conducted it's annual birthday review of my loan and have extended a "honest intent & hard working" discount which brings my loan premium down to a range I can afford!!!!!

So for my birthday I am paying off this beauty!  I now officially own her, and have sold her.  It feels so good!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!