Jun 25, 2012

What a weekend!

If you have not heard Utah is one fire. Let's just say it was a bit of a hazy weekend from lots and lots of smoke in the air!

Friday we had a great time at the party prep party at Becky's house.

Saturday I chilled all morning and them left a very sleepy husband at home while I went to Savannah's baby shower which was a lot of fun and went very smoothly.

Sunday we attended a new ward in my attempt to find a ward that we won't hate so we will actually go and enjoy our church meetings... We may have a winner! Then we went to Aiden's 1 year birthday party which was a grand time (yet sadly there were no pics taken)

More on the shower tonight after I upload the pictures :)

Hope you're having an awesome Monday! I wasn't but pandora is quickly helping me wake up and get my groove on ... too bad I have to listen on headphones.  I'm sure EVERYONE would love my Doobie Brothers, and James Taylor playlists... afterall, they are AWESOME!