Jul 5, 2012

A beautiful holiday

The 4th is my favorite holiday (it even beats out Christmas). This year was especially great.... I'll fill you in on that in a later post.

We slept in, I worked on my teddy bear project, we had a nice picnic, and I did not enjoy the beautiful ariel fireworks going on in our driveway. When the idiots lighting the fireworks left we walked around the complex to make sure the field was not on fire so I could get some sleep.

It's been 3 beautiful years since I met and started dating my wonderful husband. I was worried at first because I usually only like my most favorite roommates for a year befor I started to get bugged and need a change of scenery and people, but I realized last night husbands aren't roommates and there is no need to worry.

Oh yeah - Hip hip hooray for the rain!!!!