Jul 18, 2012

Weekly weigh in

I'm feeling a bit better today, but only a bit.  I woke up and dragged myself to work, if people thought I was faking sick yesterday, they have now been assured that I am in fact sick.  I left work at 2, and stopped by the store from some shampoo.  That wore me out pretty quick.

I've been avoiding my sweet, sweet husband trying not to get him sick because he has an important weekend ahead of him.  He even slept on the couch last night so he wouldn't catch it.  Keep your fingers crossed for him.  I'm airing out the apartment now and washing all the blankets I've been coughing all over.  If we're both still sick this weekend I don't know what we'll do, maybe stay at a hotel so we don't infect his whole family - cause dang, this is one bad cold.

Last week I gained .4 pounds at my weigh in.  The wrong direction but at least not too much off course!  I haven't tracked my food at all this week, being sick and everything, but I'm hoping maybe the sickness kept my appetite down.  But the truth is I've been famished... so we'll see what tomorrow brings.

My mom was in town last weekend to celebrate her parents 60th wedding anniversary - what a remarkable accomplishment!  In this day and age you don't see too many 60th wedding anniversaries.  It was a beautiful party.  Looking back I can see why I was not the most enthused, catching this cold and all, but the party was wonderful even not feeling my best.  I love my grandparents and it was such a nice evening to have all my aunts and uncles and cousins together, and for something much more fun than a funeral even!

Enjoy some pictures of the party:

My favorite part of the night - looking at the wall of pictures of my grandparents 

I brought the centerpieces, those lemons were almost the death of me!  NEVER AGAIN ;)

Look at my mom when she was younger!!!  (PS - what an awesome perm)