Jul 25, 2012

I wrote a beautiful blog post the other day....

And for some reason the Internet swallowed it up without ever spitting it back out! How rude....

So now, with much less beauty, here is what it was meant to say:

I'm feeling much better, thank you for all the love while I was sick!

We woke up Friday to what I believe was a miraculous healing and headed straightway to Idaho to celebrate the life of Zeb's grandpa, Vaughn Hobson. A man who shaped my husband and who loved many deeply and u conditionally. It was a beautiful and fitting tribute to a life well lived.

While we were there we decided to participate in as much of the pioneer day festivities as possible: it was great and exhausting and in the end I just wanted to be back in my own home with my own bed and my own sheets... It's so wonderful to have a home to come home to (not roommates)