Aug 27, 2012

Cruising to Mexico

Well folks, thanks for stopping back by to check out our vacation pictures!  (Come on... I know you're not here for my witty commentary). We cruised on the carnival splendor and we had a blast! My only complaint would be that the food was miserable. But our dinner table turned out to be a major win with some awesome new friends that totally made the trip worthwhile. We had an early flight to California and had to leave at 4:30am. I got seasick the first night and got wiped out with one dose of Dramamine but didn't get sick the entire rest of the trip! The boat was decorated mostly in pink which really puzzled me but that must be what carnival is all about (ok I have no idea why there was pink everywhere). We got a last minute upgrade to a balcony room which was a steal and worth every penny, and we were really only one floor below all the action (pools, buffet, sun deck) which oddly enough our room was still much quieter than our upstairs neighbor from hell :)