Aug 28, 2012

Cabo San Lucas - Day's 3 & 4

After a full day at sea relaxing by the pool we arrived in beautiful Cabo San Lucas.  

This was a big day for me as I was going to be swimming with the dolphins!!!

We tendered (a boat taxi) to shore and found the dolphin arena.  While we were waiting we met some beautiful Macaws.  

This green Macaw was a sneaky little bugger who really liked to sneak in some french kisses!  After we kissed the birds I went for a dolphin swim!  It was AWESOME and worth every penny.  I swam with the alpha male dolphin "Nacho" who was 9 feet long and over 300 pounds!  I was pretty scared and my pictures really showed my fear.  So I decided not to spend the $100 to buy the pictures.  Luckily my friends Amanda and Rex decided to buy their pictures (which turned out great) so here are a few I stole from them so you can see what I did.  Just imagine my face with a freaked out look on it:

Then we walked around town and found a delicious taco cart where I ate the best tacos of my life even though I was a bit nervous as we were the only non-hispanics around.

Then it was back to the boat for a nice shower and nap.  Turns out Mexico is really hot a humid!   The next day I was pretty nervous to go back on land so we chilled by the pool, slept (I'm talking like 3-4 hour naps here people) and had dinner with out wonderful friends at table 335!

The comedians on board were hilarious!  We stayed for hours watching their shows and laughing till our stomaches hurt.  What a great time... we're going to have to find a good comedy club in provo we can call our own for the next few years.

 It was so nice to make such wonderful friends... they total made the cruise and we miss them already!