Oct 21, 2012

Each new day is a gift

My sweet Grandpa passed away last Saturday.  We had a beautiful memorial service for him on Sunday.  I will miss him.  I loved hearing his children tell stories of their childhood and the man my grandpa was before he was grandpa.  It was also very nice to have my mom in town for a week.  Even though I didn't get to see her too much, just knowing she was seeing the same mountains I was helped me feel very peaceful.  I believe that death is the greatest act of faith a person can show.  It's nice to believe something and have a strong testimony throughout your life, but when the time comes and you are called to leave your family and leap into the unknown where your only experience has been faith, I think it takes an extra measure.  I think many times that's why the veil is so thin when someone passes.  I don't think Heavenly Father leaves us helpless when the time for our greatest act of faith arrives.  Many elderly are sent members of their family already on the other side, at least from my experience, to help them as they pass over to the spirit world.  It's always been a sacred experience, and I'm glad I was able to be in the hospital with my family.  I even got a few minutes by myself to hold his hand and tell him how much I loved him and was grateful for all that he did to lead me to the gospel (he was a convert in his mid-life years), and for the example he was of unfailing love.  His legacy will surely lived on. 

 My favorite thing about my grandpas was his gratitude for each day of life he was granted.  And not just toward the sunset of his life, but everyday.  He would start each day with a song (Oh What a Beautiful Morning) and was often heard to say "This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it."

Yes, let us.