Oct 11, 2012

So... It's been awhile

Mostly I've been sucked into the tv series life - I'm literally addicted! Have you watched it? No! Do you have Hulu? ....problem solved!!!

In other news I got my first intensive chemical peel on my face it was awesome! Then all my skin fell off. That was a bit rough on the self-esteem but its just about back to normal and looks lovely. Gosh I must be getting old

Last week I gained a pound - bummer

Yesterday my grandpa had a heart attack. We will know more tonight but for now he is resting comfortably at the hospital in a peaceful sedation. I can't help but think he's probably making some decisions of weather to stay on this earth with his wife or continue on to his next journey and start his work there. I'm sure he will make the right decision. But I'm still sad - and my heart breaks for my grandma.

I have informed Zeb he is not allowed to die - ever.

More breaking news as it happens.

In the meantime enjoy this: me all numbed up from 3 cavities in 3 different areas of my mouth all at once.