Dec 10, 2012

Multnomah Falls

For the first time in a long time I'm actually blogging at my computer and not on my phone!  Yeah me, for finding a moment to do something for myself during this busy holiday season.

Are you having a good Christmas season so far?  We sure are!  I'm sure most of you don't know but Zebs company went "out of business"  the week after Thanksgiving.  Don't worry, we knew it was coming and have taken a lot of looks at our options, goals, etc.  but mostly we decided it was important for Zeb to finish out the semester and take a nice Christmas break.  So far he's had no time to enjoy it because of finals and a nasty, nasty flu bug.  Other than that our season includes crafts, decorating, weddings, receptions, family, traveling, and a thousand ward functions we may or may not be motivated to attend.

But I wanted to take a moment and back track to Thanksgiving one more time:

I promised Zeb a trip to Multnomah Falls.  When his family came out for our wedding they all went but we were too busy to join them.  He has wanted to go ever since but I put it off because of my stomach problems.  So this time we went.  It was so so so beautiful!  The mist from the falls was incredible because of all the rain lately.  It was a beautiful trip and I'm in love with the pictures and memories.

Take a look for yourself!

Isn't that color just beautiful!  Makes me homesick for Oregon, even when I'm there.