Mar 16, 2013

This week....

Hello friends!

This week.  Boy oh boy, this week..... I'm glad it's coming to an end.

This week we found mold in our closet from our neighbors apartment flooding, this week were stood up by the maintenance man 3 times.

This week the contents of our closet are strewn around the house as we air out the mold killing bleach in the closet.

This week I worked late every. single. night.  This week - the one week this semester my sweet husband didn't have evening classes.

This week I finally decided I was done being woken up every morning between 4:30 -6:30 am by a barking dog and set a boundary.  This week I started looking for a new place to live.

This week I was able to talk to all my siblings and Skype with them too.

This week - THIS WEEK we are Celebrating!

Celebrating the end of mid-terms, celebrating great grades, celebrating getting out of debt, and celebrating the answer to a prayer.

Last month Zeb was told about the opportunity to earn a grant that would pay for the rest of his education.  He applied, We were denied, just like we were denied help with so many other things in the last month.  So we had meetings and we budgeted and we paid ALL our bills, like we always do.  Then in the temple I was prompted to say a short prayer that brought tears to my eyes.  "Heavenly Father, this sweet sweet man of mine has really gotten the short end of the stick lately.    He works so hard, and accomplishes so much, and loves so deeply.  He would give a stranger the shirt off his back, but he just hits obstacles at every turn and yet he has never given up.  Please give him that grant.  I know of no one who deserves it more.  Maybe we don't really need it, that's ok too, we will be fine I know.  PS - I know we were already rejected, but hey - you're God.  So please?"

Yesterday my sweet husband received a grant that will pay for the rest of his education, and because he received that grant, he also qualifies to further apply for a different grant that will pay for a portion of living expenses so he doesn't have to work while he finishes up his degree.  And he did not qualify because of financial needs.  He qualified because someone noticed his application, noticed he was a great person, and called him back after he was rejected to say she was willing to go to bat for him.

This week, I know God loves us and watched over us, and hears our prayers.

This week, I am filled to the brim with gratitude.