Mar 7, 2013


Today was just a little bit crummy - ya know.  Speaking of work here are some pretty fun things that go on around the place I like to spend my 9 to 5:

There have been some pretty fun pranks going on.   Makes life much more interesting and enjoyable.

The Dr at work took sympathy on my poor helpless non-budging weight problem.  After checking for thyroid problems, vitamin deficiencies etc, she found everything was normal and prescribed me a mild appetite sup present to help with my weight watchers plan.  For 2 years I have weighed exactly the same weight 158-160 depending on the day (I have medical records to prove it).  Nothing seemed to help - running in the evenings, weight watchers, no amount of will power managed to move the scale down.  I even had several people telling me I wasn't eating enough to loose weight...... now, come on here people.  After 6 weeks on my little caffeine pill I have lost some weight finally!  I'm currently weighing in at 153.8.  Pretty exciting.  I was getting a bit down on myself for not loosing faster and talked with the doctor about it but said she is happy with my progress and rate of weight loss.  

Then I saw this online:

I realize they put the skinniest person in the world behind that 5 pounds , but I still appreciated my 5 pound loss a lot more.  If that is off of my little frame I think that is something to be proud of.  I have been going for a 1 mile walk each day on my lunch break - here's proof:

 I like walking because I'm not sweaty when I go back to work and I don't have to change my clothes or anything but I still get the blood flowing and moving around.  

So thats a bit of an update.... hope you're Thursday was magical!