Apr 7, 2013

Hippity Hoppity.... Happy Easter

I made sure to get the camera out at our Easter Party because I've been working on one of my goals for the year which is to learn my camera and editing tools a bit better.  So a lot went into these pictures, and while I know they aren't perfect by any means, I'm really happy with how they turned out.

(Not to mention that I had to learn how to use Lightroom to not only edit the photos but store, organize, rate and sort the photos too!!! - Hence the delay on getting them up)

Without further introduction....

Great Sharing going on!

My favorite edit to date so far!

Another Big time Favorite

I think I'm well on my way to figuring this editing photo's thing out!  Not to mention I even figured out how to export them out of Lightroom and publish them... edited and all... onto my blog!!

Thanks for putting up with the non-stop picture taking that night family!!