Jul 15, 2013

Say What!?!?!

Surely it can't have been a full month since I last posted!!  I"m sorry for my neglect.  IT's just that I've been having so much fun and being oh so busy!  Work is crazy during the summer and July was no exception.  Zeb and I took a week off from life and went to Oregon for the 4th of July and all my high school dreams of watching the Oak Hills fireworks with a handsome man came true!  Finally - only 29 years of dreaming :)  Also I surprised Zeb with tickets to the Rodeo because, well I love rodeos!  We went to the Pleasant Grove rodeo and it did not disappoint!  So friends, I'm alive and well, and happy that summer season at Vivint has only 1 month left.  Maybe then I'll be able to relax a bit.  But for now... I must keep on keeping on!  Here is what I've been up to: