Jun 21, 2013

Family.... isn't it about time?

If you didn't know it  in the last little while my sweet family of nieces and nephews has grown by two!  I have two new nephews now!!  While I was in Oregon I got the wonderful blessing of getting to spend most of the weekend with Keith and Vanessa.  Usually when I go home it's for a family event and the whole family is there so my time is spread around.  This time was unique in that my dad was out of town, my mom had work, and I spent pretty much the whole time with Keith and Vanessa and their family.  I loved getting to catch up and hear more about their lives.  It made me remember the time I lived next to Keith and Vanessa in Provo and I spent a lot of time at their apartment.  Boy, I just love them and am so lucky they let me crash their weekend!  It made me realize how important it is to spend time with individual siblings as well as the whole family.  Here are some pictures from my fun weekend with them:

I am so excited to head back out there next month and meet my new nephew Easton and get to catch up with Kelly and Melissa too!!!  Let the pool parties begin....