Aug 15, 2013


After only 1 week I sold my first item in my Etsy shop!  Wahoo!!!  I was pretty excited to see the email stating I was officially up and running as a business woman.  I took the profits and headed straight to fabric store to purchase the fabric for my next sheet set.  I have them created, photographed and up for sale at the shop.  I think they are adorable.  I also have purchased the fabric for my first "set" (crib skirt, and sheets - I've decided to stay away from bumpers, too controversial right now) which I am creating right now and will post as soon as it's ready for sale.  Any ideas on nursery themes for my future sets?  Also, I have the colors are coordinated and am thinking of a name for the set - I'll post the colors for input tomorrow :)

I really am having so much fun!  I hope it keeps taking off in the right direction so I can buy some more fabric soon!  Thanks for all the support and spreading of the word, it means so much to me!

Here are the new items up for sale:

(Don't I have great taste in fabrics!)

I am also working on my shop banner and graphics....  I'll post them once they are completed.