Sep 25, 2013

creepy crawly things

oh... Hi there.  You're still checking back in here.  That's good to know!  Thanks!

The other night I had the most vivid dream I have EVER had.  I was laying in bed sleeping (in my dream) and as I rolled over I took my pillow with me.  That's when I saw it scurry from it's now exposed spot on my bed back under the warmth of my pillow.  A thick brown spider.  I lept from my bed, only to be held back by the sea of blankets that entrapped me.  When I was finally free and standing next to my bed I started the processes of ensuring my safety: shaking my hair out and stripping my clothes off.  I grabbed a light and started scowering the blankets for where the furry creature had gone.  I couldn't find it anywhere.  Somewhere during my striptease and shaking out of my hair I became aware that Zeb was telling me "It's OK, you're OK.  It's OK, you're OK."  As I searched our bed, I couldn't find the spider anywhere and Zeb was asking me what I was looking for.  I got back into bed, my heart beating out my chest and continued to itch all over for the next long while as I drifted back off into dreamland.  I must have given Zeb a heart attack because I didn't fully wake up and realize my sleep "walking/stripping" and scouring of the sheets was all in a deep dream state until the next morning.  My story of what happened and Zeb's version were quite different leading me to believe, there might not have actually been a spider in my bed.

But then again, I do have a tiny bug bite on the top of my left hand.... so really, who even knows?

I guess that black widow I found near our garage a few weeks ago had a greater effect on me than I originally understood.