Apr 29, 2016

Showered with Love

Zeb and I had the opportunity to go to Oregon last week to take an updated family photo with my family.  Several grand children had been added to the family since our last one and because no one was great with child it ended up being a good time to get one done.  We had such a blast playing with our nieces and nephews and getting in some much needed family time.

While we were there my wonderful sisters(-in-law) threw me a foster care shower.  It was so much fun to see the people I grew up with and many who had a large impact for the best on my youth... it takes a village and all... It was a wonderful opportunity to share our decision, answer questions and let people know all about what we've been up to.  I gave Zeb the option to stay and visit (since it was a bit of an unconventional thing we get to make up our own social rules right) and he decided he wasn't too into talking about it for hours on end and so my dad took him out to dinner and a movie instead.

A BIG thank you to Vanessa, Vanessa, Melissa, and my mom for the work they put into making it happen.  Everything was perfect and so well thought out.  I was a bit nervous that I wouldn't have the answer to peoples questions or that I would bore people by giving them way more information that they cared to hear, but it was such a wonderful evening and I loved talking and catching up with everyone.  Here are some pictures from that evening.

Also a HUGE thank you for the gifts we received (and continue to receive almost daily).  It has been such a help in getting us ready for our home study on 5/9/16.  We have only three more tasks to do around the house and then we will be just about ready!  It has been a little bit harder than I thought to prepare for all age groups at once instead of growing our supplies while the children grow too.  One example is that in our home we now have a bedside sleeper for infants, a pack and play for toddlers, and twin bed for kids. a queen bed for guests, and a king bed for us!  (We do NOT have that many bedrooms - not to mention there is only two of us living here right now).  We have a house filling with supplies, toys, kids movies, first aid kits, and love from family, and friends.  These children are so loved and supported already and we don't even know who they are yet!  Not to mention the overwhelming love and support we feel.