Apr 19, 2016

Moving Right Along

Things in the licensing process are moving right along.  We just got word back that our background checks have been completed (they were ran in Utah, Idaho, and Oregon which can sometimes hold things up) and we have finalized a date and time for our home study.  It will officially be taking place on Monday, May 9th.  So we can expect to be fully licensed shortly after that.  We are continuing to get the house ready and are currently working on the kids bedroom and getting that all set up.  It has been so fun to come home from work and find packages at the door.  We get more and more excited as our home fills with children's toys, necessities, and is becoming more and more kid friendly.  Thank you to everyone for your love and support in making this somewhat stressful time much more relaxing and stress free.  We feel so blessed and encouraged by our kind words and thoughtful gifts... THANK YOU!!  

PS; If you are interested in learning more about what we are doing you can visit the Utah Foster Care webpage (http://utahfostercare.org) or ask us any questions and we will be happy to fill you in - we are a pretty open book!