Apr 11, 2016

So.... What's next?

Each weekend we work on a project so we can be ready for our home study which will be sometime in May.  A few weekends ago we got locks for our garage cabinets and sorted through everything to ensure all hazardous items were now behind lock and key.  This past weekend all bookcases were bolted to the walls.  We have a whole check list we are working our way through.

Zeb and I have decided to wet our feet in the foster care program and to see how well our broken hearts handle the intricacies of it by starting out as respite care givers.  This means that once we are licensed we will look after children for anywhere from 1 night to 1 week while their foster parents are taking care of family emergencies or even just needing a break.  Pretty much any need that might arise where the children need a short term, safe place to stay.  This is where we will likely get children that might not be in our requested age range or sibling groups for a relatively short space of time.

One of the reasons for this is that it will give us the opportunity to better answer the questions we will be asked but don't yet have answers to, such as:  would you like a boy or girl, would you take a sibling group of two or more, what behaviors can you work with and which ones can you not tolerate, and many many others.  It will also help us to gain a deeper understanding of how the system works and what kind of support we might need to help us be as successful as possible.  We hope to someday adopt through the State of Utah and this is a perfect starting place for us.

It has been so wonderful to feel an outpouring of love and support as we start down this path and prepare for parenthood (and our foster/adoption license). Please continue to pray for us that we can make the best decisions and see what the path that is right for our family.  Thanks everyone!!