Oct 12, 2010

A change in Chi

 I have not been sleeping very well ever since I moved up stairs one floor in August.  At first I thought it was because my bed was too high off the ground, then I thought the street lamp outside was interrupting my zzzz's, or the cars driving by.  My wonderful boyfriend even got me a lavender spray to put on my pillow but nothing seemed to help.  So yesterday I decided it was time to fix the problem and re-organize and re-arrange my room.  After some much needed help from Karli I got all re-situated and let me tell you I feel a thousand times better!  I was probably because my Chi was all out of balance according to ancient feng shui practices.  Here are some tips to get your bedroom in sync:

1. Keep your bedroom as far away from the front door as possible.
2. Keep your bed out of the line from the door to the Window.
3. Position your bed so you can see the door from where you sleep.
4.Avoid sleeping with your head close to a window.
5. Bedside tables should be round
6. Avoid sleeping with your image reflecting in a mirror

It's all about the freedom of your chi people......

Note: I don't really believe in Chi or Feng Shui, but moving my bed to the darkest corner of my room sure helped a ton!