Oct 12, 2010


As mentioned here I am trying to get back into shape.  This has been tricky since I am trying to obey nutritionist orders.  So to help my dear friend Karli has been going with me to the gym daily (which on a side note is hard because it requires much more showering) and tonight she convinced me to attend the PiYo class at 24 Hour Fitness.  I LOVE IT!!  It reminded me a lot of the warm ups we used to do when I was on dance team.  It was a super great workout but not so intense that it could not be done.  I was so nervous to go to the class I had Karli carry my Yoga mat in... but next time I'll be confident enough to carry it in myself.  If you've got a 24 pass I highly recommend it.  In fact, maybe I'll recommend it to the girl who lives above me doing jumping jacks right now.... I'd sure appreciate it if she worked out somewhere not directly overhead.

Give me one more week and I'll be doing THIS pose