Feb 2, 2011

I'm entering dangerous Teritory here

.... But I think I'm ready.

I've been talked into doing the "Game On Diet."  I choose to let myself be talked into it because it follows very closely to what my nutritionst and counselors already tell me to do.  However, it makes the diet a game and you earn points for doing the things I already do each day.  Such as eat 5 meals a day, drink 100oz of water a day, exercise 20 minutes a day, start a good habit, break a bad one.  That said, I know I'm walking on dangerous territory.  

However... I will be doing a bit different version of the game.  Instead of a weight loss goal I have set a fitness goal.  So I will be doing the training program to run a 5K (which is one of my new years resolutions) and then on the last day of the diet competition (March 3rd) I will run my 5K at the gym.  I like this because I have been wanting to follow my guidelines while branching into healthier foods but have been unsure how.  Also, I have been wanting to find motivation to stick to my goals at the gym and hopefully this will help.  

And I can do all this without weighing myself - because my weight does not tell me what kind of a person I am or my value.  Although, This picture was taken of me this weekend and it made me really really sad.  I look like I'm pregnant... I am not.