Mar 31, 2011

I went to work today late - see I wanted to sleep in.  So I did.  And I do feel better, or at least I did until while driving out of my parking lot traffic was unusually heavy at 9am.  Wondering why I started looking around only to see a big white van laying on it's side and a black suburban all too close.  OH MY GOODNESS!  Was my first thought.  Where are the people... I hope he's not still inside!  (Seeing as the van had landed on it's drivers side).  Something is weird about all this I thought.... and then it dawned on me.  Where are the cops?  Where are the ambulace?  Where are the fire trucks?  This must have just barely happened.  Should I call 911?  Surely someone else already has - but what if that's what everyone thinks. 

That's when the first cop car pulled up.  And I noticed the man who had been driving the van was up and walking and talking to him.  He clearly was shooken up.... but I was glad to see he was safe.  Then my light turned green and I continued on.  All the way down state street pulling to the right for the numerous emergency personel on their way to the rescue.

For as long as I can remember I have always said a prayer when I hear sirens.  A special prayer or peace, and safety, and comfort.  That wherever they are rushing to they can get there in time.  I said a prayer for them and drove much more patiently to work.

I hope everything is ok.