Aug 25, 2011

I've been feeling a little weird lately, a little like I don't like working so much because I never get to see my husband!  Like maybe I shouldn't have jumped back into working two jobs only three days after being married!  The times I do get to see him are great and wonderful and basically only meal times so full of delicious food - however, I feel like I want to cook and clean and do the laundry and adjust into being a wife and a team instead of selfish and stubborn (at least I can admit it people).  I've been thinking of somehow cutting back on my hair cutting job or taking a month off or somehow adjusting so I can be home at five when my husband is home.  But I don't really want to quit cutting hair because I LOVE IT!  Well yesterday I half mentioned it too my boss at she immediately said "well of course you miss your husband!  You've only been married a week.  If you're not working because you need the money you can cut back your hours or take some time off... or even the semester and come back to work when he starts school up again"  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!  How refreshing to have a boss who cares about my life and my stresses and wants me to be happy!  I feel a thousand times better knowing I have options.  I told her I'd take a week to think about it and let her know.  I am super excited with the flexibility she had given me!!  Thank you Jess!!!  You have no idea how much you've just done for my stress and happiness levels.